Hydra Floor

Our backstory

The Hydra lamp was inspired in a mythological creature with the same name, which was some sort of mixture between a snake and a dragon (if you can imagine such an obscure beast). It had “more heads than the vase-painters could paint“ and if one was slayed, three new ones would grow in its place.

It’s fun and very adaptable lamp, a truly designer friendly piece as it is all about diversity. It can be thin or large depending on the number of arms and it can also be colorful or monochromatic depending on the colors chosen for its elements.

Product features

The Hydra´s gentile structure enables different setting possibilities.

Adaptability to any ambience´s colors, forms and height it its main feature. The lighting strength depends on the number of arms

Materials and Finishes

Metal finishes and RAL colours.

Product options

Metal finishes and RAL colours.


Metal finishes on boy and RAL colours on shades.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for body and shades.


4x LED bulbs - A19 Standard - 500 Lumens - 7 watts.


Height - 200 mm
Width - Ø 150 mm

Height - 1800 mm
Width - 1300 mm
Depth - 1000 mm

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