Marfik Floor

Our backstory

We present you Marfik, a lamp which both adaptable and fun.

We thought about calling it Thieve, because it steals the room it’s in, but ended up with Marfik (the elbow of the Ophiuchus Constellation).

This lamp has to ability to transform the dullest of rooms into a memorable place.

It’s highlighted for its elbow like movement, and adapting to its surroundings, establishing a connection between beauty and functionality within any envi- ronment it’s inserted into.

Quoting Andre Teoman, the Marfik designer “you can add arms or take them out and adapt very easily to any project”.

Product features

The Marfik lamp family absolutely dominates the space it is in. The exceptional blend of curved lines defines it as a timeless design, whilst the springs in each arm provide a wide and practical movement of the light. The diffuser installed in the shade ensures a confortable lighting mood.

Materials and Finishes

Gold Plated Brass & Black Glossy.

Product options

Colours and metal finishes.


Custom metal finishes in shades and arms colours.

Observations for assembly

No special requirements.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for body and shades. Move the arms slowly.




Height - 2000 mm
Width - 1000 mm

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