Cassiopeia III Suspension

Our backstory

Meet Cassiopeia, the vain Queen of Aethiopia.

She was gorgeous but very unpleasant about her beauty, which would ultimately lead her to devastating consequences. To punish her extreme vanity, Cassiopeia was condemned to eternal existence in the place where we now see the Cassiopeia Constellation.

Vanity is a good feeling if counterweighed with humility.

This is the reason why every ring of the Cassiopeia lamp is designed with 2 parallel circular strictures with the light in the middle: Vanity in the outside, humility in the inside, virtue stands in the middle.

Vanity is a good feeling if counterweighed with humility.

The Cassiopeia is presented with the option of up to three rings - thus: Cassiopeia 1, Cassiopeia 2 and Cassiopeia 3 - and allows multiple colour conjugations and contrasts.

Product features

The majestic presence of the Cassiopeia suspension lamp is carried through different layers of parallel halos with 18 led bulbs that provide the perfect amount of light without overshadowing its exquisite shape.

Materials and Finishes

Gold Plated Brass and Nickel Plated.

Product options

Metal finishes and/or Acrylic.


1 ring option, 2 rings option, 3 rings option.

Observations for assembly

More than one person is required to correctly install it.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for all body.


18x LED Bulbs - G medium - 380 Lumen - 6Watts


Ring 1: Ø 1000 mm x 300 mm (exterior ring)
Ring 2: Ø 800 mm x 350 mm (exterior ring)
Ring 3: Ø 600 mm x 400 mm (exterior ring)
Cassiopeia 3: Ø 1000 mm x 1800 mm(adjustable)

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