Cetus Suspension

Our backstory

For some time now – it doesn’t matter how long - we’ve been struggling with this lamp family’s name: Cetus, the whale.

It’s much more complex than it appears. A Whale has several meanings in society. Anything, from good and bad, to big and small.

The name Cetus originally came from a hybrid whale, chosen by Poseidon to kill Andromeda. It did not succeed as it fell to the hands of Andromeda’s lover Perseus.

Its legend however prevailed as a testament that love and devotion can move the highest and strongest difficulties.

In the casino world a Whale refers to High Rollers and in the comic book world to the villain (Tobias Whale from Black Lightning comic book series).

We’ll let you decide what it means. But know this: once you’ve seen a Cetus in front your bare naked eyes, you will no longer need a sense of direction, because its unique design and lightweight effect, will keep looking up, into the future, like a compass.

Product features

Notorious for its sophisticated look, the Cetus lamp family is a statement of refined design. This fine decorative piece of extravagant lines provides a soft light projection, ideal for architectural ambiances.

Materials and Finishes

Gold Plated Brass | Black Glossy | Gold powder Inside Lamp shade

Product options

Colours, metal finishes and powder finished.


Custom metal and powder finishes in shade and metal finishes in structure.

Observations for assembly

Please remove lamp shade carefully with the lamp turned off.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for body and shades.




Height - 600 mm
Width - 1000 mm

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