Corona Suspension

Our backstory

A Crown is a symbol of power and victory. It immortalizes those who wear it.

The Corona suspension lamp is a scary sight: big, heavy and complicated. Like the artisans who made the King’s crown, ZAM’s craftsman craft each lamp knowing thatthe person to which it’s meant is a special kind of person.

It does not fit any room nor does any room fits it.

Product features

TThe Corona suspension lamp features 10 steel cables made especially to hold this heavyweight piece. Big lamp, designed for big spaces to create a visual impact in the eye of every person.

Materials and Finishes

Polished Copper and Nickel Plated.

Product options

Metal finishes and/or Acrylic.


Distance to ceiling and rings with different finishes.

Observations for assembly

More than one person is required to correctly install it.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for all body.


18x LED Bulbs - G medium - 380 Lumen - 6Watts.


Exterior ring: 2000mm Ø x 500mm (exterior ring)
Middle ring: 1500mm Ø x 500mm (exterior ring)
Inside ring: 1000mm Ø x 500mm (exterior ring)
Cable height: 2000mm maximum

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