Gliese Suspension

Our backstory

If you are reading this while it’s night time, take a moment and go outside to look at the stars. The sky extends from one side to the other of your field of vision, so vast and wide that you forget it’s scaled. It’s infinite times bigger than you can picture it.

By this standard, knowledge becomes a notion that stands farther away than the tinniest star you can see. Doesn’t that make you nervous?

Far out in the Libra Constellation, there’s a planet in the Gliese star system called Gliese 581C which is thought to have the minimum conditions to be habitable.

That is why we decided to call this lamp and its siblings: the Gliese lamp family as it represents hope, curiosity, fear and discovery.

Product features

The Gliese lamp family in all of its forms is perfect for demanding people. Its moveable arms and shades allow many different light experiences.

Materials and Finishes

Gold Plated Brass & Black Glossy.

Product options

Colours and metal finishes.


Custom sizes, body and shades colours, cable colours and metals are available.

Observations for assembly

Insert the lamps with a glove or cloth.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for body and shades. The lamps must not be touched with the hands.




Height - 610 mm
Width - 810 mm

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