Sextans Table

Our backstory

“Many strange things were seen amongst the stars before the use of powerful telescopes became common”Herschal & South

Hail the visionaries brave enough to challenge themselves.

The Sextans Uraniae constellation is a tribute those that dared to draw with white dots and a blackboard, and somehow managed to paint a beautiful picture filled of stories of great bravery and great misfortune; stories that have been told and retold for SEVERAL centuries.

The Sextans Lamp is a masterful blend of design and ergonomics. It’s a small and functional lamp, with unpretentious features, meant to provide individual or a small peak of mood lighting.

Product features

Sextans is a modern looking, highly functional lamp equipped with a cleverly fitted light dimmer.

Materials and Finishes

Inox or Nickel Plated, RAL Colors.

Product options

Metal finishes and RAL Colours.


Different metal finishes on all body or different RAL Colors on all body.

Observations for assembly

No special requirements.

Clean and care

Dry cloth.


G9 – 260 Lumen – 25 Watt


Height - 250 mm
Width - 250 mm

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