Lyra Wall

Our backstory

You can spot Lyra in the sky if you look for Vega, the shiniest star in the Lyra Constellation and the 5th shiniest in the whole sky.

It is said that Apollo, gave Orpheus the first lyre ever made. It was a perfect golden lyre. Orpheus, the greatest musician that ever lived charmed every living being with his music.

He fell in love with a nymph called Eurydice, and soon where to be married. After the wedding however, Eurydice passed away.

Orpheus, overcome by grief, travelled into the underworld, where he would try to soften the hearts of Hades and Persephone with his music, in order to get his nymph back. Hades and Persephone allowed him to take Eurydice back with one condition: Orpheus was only allowed to look at Eurydice, when upper world was reached.

They started their climb, with Orpheus on the front of Eurydice, so that he would not look at her. As they got closer to their destiny, he did not resist looking back at his spouse. Her soul was immediatly taken from him.

In his memory, Apollo took his lyre and put it in the sky, where it lies today by the name Lyra, the Harp.

The Lyra lamp family is ZAM’s Harp. Its purpose is to charm and to amaze. Like Orpheus harp, it’s unique. Like Vega, it shines brighter than most stars.

Product features

The secret behind the simple yet charismatic shade of the Lyra lamp family is hidden in a very delicate manufacturing process, called hand metal spinning. Its curved silhouette and lightweight impression provide a charming visual effect.

Materials and Finishes

Gold Plated Brass | Black Matte | Gold powder Inside Lamp shade.

Product options

Colours, metal finishes and powder finished.


Custom metal and powder finishes in shade and metal finishes in structure.

Observations for assembly

No special requirements.

Clean and care

Dry cloth metal cleaner for body and shades.




Height - 550 mm
Width - 300 mm

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