Who are we?

We are ZAM, a Portuguese lighting brand.
We design and produce stylish handmade lamps.

Design is not just about the look.

We believe a decorative lamp should be smart and intuitive. As a decorative piece shouldn’t just be ornament, a lamp shouldn’t just be an illumination device. The design and inspiration must be all about the way the piece interacts with the environment and the people.

Handmade lamps

We are craftsmen of illumination devoted to display something different and exceptional. Our production ability allows that each piece we craft is especially made for each costumer’s preferences. Find out more in the finishes Section

ZAM is light

During the night, while the sun is not looking, the sky is covered with millions of sparkling stars. Too many for a sane man to count.

The elders believed that the Gods used the night sky as an art board to draw what they imagined for Earth. They used it to design the future. This is why some people can read the future in the stars. Because in some fantastical reality, this is the actual truth.

The night sky is like an art museum you attend every day. Stars don’t need your full attention. Don’t try to be more than they are. They embellish your ceiling while you sleep. They guide you when you’re lost. They tell you where you are and what time it is. They are part of your life.

Without the stars, the night sky would only be black. A blackboard of forgetfulness. Without light there can only be fear.

To Light something up is the ability to illuminate darkness.
Light is fearless. Light is life.

ZAM is light